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Wuchang District, A tier-one administrative division under Hubei Province, In Chinese [武昌区]

Wuchang Overview

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Wuchang, of a total area of 81.22 square kilometers, holds permanent population of nearly one mi1lion with l4 administrative neighborhoods and 194 community resident-committees. In 2005, this district achieved GNP 20billion RMB in total, total investments in fixed assets 8.5 billion RMB, total retail sales of consumer goods 17.7 billion RMB, urban per capita disposable income 10787 RMB. It has been awarded in succession the titles of the National advanced urban district of vitalization through science and education. The National example district of scientific popularization, the Provincial civilized urban district, and the City's top district in economic strength, ect. In the new century, view development in a global vision, it has planed a fabulous blueprint to build Wuchang a modern central district with prosperous economy, advanced education and technology, and excellent environment.

Wuchang is situated at the south gate of Wuchang city, acting as an important transport center in Hubei Province and central China. Crucial traffic arteries meet here, such as Beijing-Guangzhou Railway,107state highway, Yangtze River waterway,Beijing-Zhuhai Super Highway,Shanghai-Chengdu Super Highway,Yichang-Huanggang Highway and ect. Passengers transportation within 1000 kilometers could basically realized in one night.Road line-haul covers a range of 1500 kilometers in semi diameter. Bridge No.1,No.2,No.3 and two tunnels cross Yangtze River ,along which several docks for both passenger ship and freight are located. Yanjiang Road,Heping Road,Wuqing Road in the west,Zhongbei Road,Zhongnan Road,Yingbin Road in the east,Xudong Road in the north and Wuluo Road in the south, are connected with Yangtze River Bridge No.1and No.2 ,forming the inner beltway of wuhan. Ministry of Railways will recently budget 800million RMB for the renovation of Wuchang railway station.Jingguang railway will become Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed Railway. In the mean time, underground line No.4 will be initiated with the renovation of Wuchang railway station.

Wuchang is a beautiful city with mountains and lakes, as well as profound historical and cultural background. It boasts 70% scenic attractions and historical revolution sites of Wuhan city, including five 4A national scenic attractions. Yellow Crane Tower ,the famous“No.1 Tower in The World”, has more than 1700 years’ history. Baotong Zenist Temple ,the famous Zenist temple was built in South Dynasty, some 2000 years ago. Changchun Taoist temple ,one of the ten famous Taoist temple with 2500 years’history,holds great pray activities each celebration day. The national key scenic attraction East Lake is the largest inside city lark with a total water area of 32.8 square kilometers. The unearthed chain bells of the warring states period exhibited in the Hubei Provincial Museum ,embodying Chu culture, has become the crucial symbol of cultural exchanges with the foreign countries.

Wuchang ,as a renowned historical and cultural city, initially built in the Warring States Period ,1800 years ago,enjoys profound historical and cultural background. Presently, With Hubei Provincial CCP Committee and Provincial People's Government located here, It is now the political, cultural and information center of Hubei Province. More than 200 agencies for other areas and a great amount of financial organizations, business enterprises, and headquarters of large companies are gathered here shaping the Financial and Commercial Center at the South of Yangtze River. The first gunshot of the l9ll Revolution was fired out here, overthrowing imperialism and establishing the first republic in Asia. Wuchang, on the side of Yangtze River and East Lake, is a beautiful city with excellent environment pleasant for residence and tourism. Wuchang, boasting a great number of universities and scientific institutions, teem with intellectual resources and human resources with high quality.Wuchang,as the traditional manufacture base of the state, enjoys inherent advantages in development of the modern manufacture industry.

Wuchang is the national famous intelligence density area , whose density is only second to Haidian district of Beijing. There are 13 universities located in the district, including Wuhan University, and hold 120,000 students. 48 national and local science research institutes, including China Science Academy Wuhan Branch are settled down here. With more than 100,000 technicians, it works out more than 800 scientific research achievements annually. The number of settling enterprises in Wuchang Bao’an scientific and technological innovation Park occupying 120mu has reached 58.The state information security achievements industrializing base in central china and Wuchang scientific and technological industry Park with 1.5 square kilometers are under construction currently, and they will become the important carrier for development of Hi-tech industry. We have 138 middle and primary schools

in this area, which include many famous key schools. Holding 120,000 students, those schools brought up a great number of talented people ,the only “teenage academician of Science Academy” in china has studied in Wuchang Experimental Middle School.

The famous 1911 revolution started here and overthrew the 2000 years’ feudal empire and unveiled a new page of Chinese revolution. A group of historic site of 1911 revolution remained in Wuchang,including Army Headquarter, Revolution Gate, Soldiers Camp, Cuwagntai Armory,Huang Xing Platform and Memorial Temple. The famous ” Zhongshan Warship ” will anchor in Yangtze River at the bank of Wuchang .1911 Revolution Museum is in planning. Wuchang is paying great effort in constructing “Revolution Cultural Zone”, to convey more social ,economic and cultural meaning of “First Revolution”. It also embodies large cultural and sports facilities such as Hongshan Stadium,Hongshan Square,Hubei Opera theater ,as well as a great number of top class hotels ,to support the development of tourism.

It is the important component of Opening Up to make use of foreign investment and domestic investment in a active, reasonable and effective manner. Foreign invested enterprises have become the main force of exportation. A great number of listed companies of US, Japan, Korea, Hongkong and some domestic companies have settled here to develop Hi-tech industries such as telecommunication, software and environmental protection. A group of world famous companies also set up in Wuchang ,including B&Q,Carrefour,Metro,China Resource,Alstom and ect.Wuchang is becoming a heated area for the foreign investment. The injection of capitals from both domestic and foreign investment has brought in new business forms, promoted the adjustment of the industrial structure of this area, and accelerated the opening up speed. It has become essential force for the development of local economy.

In the new century,Wuchang focuses on development with a global vision. The Company Headquarter Zone under construction has already come into shape. With Hongshan Square as the center,Zhongnan Road and Zhongbei Road as the vertical axis,Wuluo Road ,Baiyi Road,Xinminzhu Road and Zhongshanbei Road as the horizontal axis, its areas totals 5 square kilometers. Development of five industries namely Financial Service,information agency, cultural mass media ,High-tech and entertainment will be given priority.

In 2004-2005, the newly approved DFI programs reached 22(including 4 programs with investment above $10million, 3 programs above$5million) with contract value of $1.15billion.The amount of foreign capital actually used is $57million.Meanwhile, there are 254 programs invested by domestic capitals, with total contract value of 2.86 billion RMB, in which the current investment reaches 6.85 RMB (including 82 programs with foreign investment above 5million RMB, 30 programs above 50million RMB).

Urban Construction of Wuchang has great potentials. Since 1990, the government has invested intensively on construction and reconstruction of important avenues in this area, shaping the traffic structure of five vertical roads and six horizontal roads. The completion of sightseeing programs such as Hongshan Square, Red Chamber Square, Yellow Crane Tower Park, and East Lake Park has greatly elevated the environmental quality and the function of the central area. Many modern residential communities including Bao’an Park in South Lake,Lanwan Park,ect,present the high quality residential environment with classic taste in 21 century. The planning” Green Water Blue Sky “residential community occupies 800 mu around Sha Lake. The renovation project of Linjiang Road,Heping Road in Wuchang has been initiated already.This project will cover the area ranging from Lingjiang Sha Lake with removal area of 1.12million square meters to be renovated, for the construction of the planning Business center zone along the river bank, and Yangtze River Sightseeing spots. In the next 3 to 10 years,Wuchang will establish a modern central district with excellent environment, sufficient supporting public facilities, prosperous economy, efficient traffic and rich intellectual resources.

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