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Nanjing Municipality, A prefecture-level city under Jiangsu Province, In Chinese [南京市]

Nanjing Overview

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Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province, is an old and beautiful city. It is located as a plain within the middle lower reaches of the Yangtze River, facing the Ocean in the east, and not far from Anhui Province and Zhejiang Province in the south, near the Hubei Province and Henan Province in the west and Shandong Province in the north. As a city close to rivers and lakes, Nanjing is proud of its well-situated geographical conditions and abundant natural resources. Also, Nanjing is a well-known ancient cultural city. Since the 3rd century AD, it has been the capitals of 10 dynasties or regimes, i.e., the Eastern Wu, Eastern Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen, Southern Tang, Early Ming, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, and the Republic of China. As one of the "six ancient cities" in China, Nanjing has had been the center of economy, politics and culture of middle lower reaches of Yangtze River in ancient and modern times, and that has been leaving behind effulgent traditional culture. Today, as one of four core cities in the Yangtze Delta, Nanjing is increasingly playing a great role in the economic zone of the national macro productivity layout. Nanjing is a comprehensive industrial base region, an important communication & transportation centers and one of the four scientific research & education centers in East of China. It is also the second largest business center next to Shanghai in the east of China.

Nanjing occupies a ground space of 6597.6 square kilometers, and it has the population of 5530400. The Yangzi River flows though Nanjing City, about 95 kilometer's long, and this part of the River is quite wide and deep. Thus the river way is navigable for the large steamers of ten thousand tons all the year.

Since the funding of P.R.China, and after the economic reforms especially, Nanjing is presenting its four advantages. The first is its well-located region. Nanjing is at the cross-region between the areas of China's developed southeast coast and Yangtze Delta, and closed to Shanghai, China's biggest center of economy and banking business. Therefore, Nanjing has become one of the key cities among the China's economy development core area, and laid a solid foundation for its speeding up of globalization.

As secondary advantage of its communication & transportation, Nanjing has become an important center of communication & transportation in East China. Its all-ready five transportation modes including railway, highway, civil-aviation, and water carriage and pipeline transit have featured a great network of the transportation. Its communication networks formed by program-control telephone, mobile communication, data communication, microwave, satellites and optical fiber have been become modern communicating modes as well.

The third is its scientific research & education. As one of the four scientific research & education centers in East China, Nanjing is a metropolis with a galaxy of talent among 48 universities, colleges and about 500 research institutes. According to the calculation before the end of 1997, the number of academicians of China Science Academy working in Nanjing was 45 and that of 18 from China Engineering Academy. The number of professional engineers, technicians and research workers of all kinds was up to 330,000, among which advanced professionals were 9.7% intermediate 31.3%.

The fourth advantage is of its industries. Nanjing has a comprehensive industrial base region in the east of China, formed the comprehensive industrial framework with the predomination of Electron, Auto, Chemical industry and a group of products with local characteristics. As a matter of facts, Nanjing, of which, the industries of Electronics and Chemical engineering is ranked as No. 2, and the auto-industry is ranked as No. 5 among all the Chinese cities. Nanjing is also the second largest business center only to Shanghai in Yangzi Delta. Its annual total social commodities retailing-sale is ranked among the top-ten cities in China. Since the 90s of the 20th century, by its advantages of industry, science and technologies and the location, and its rapid-growth economy, Nanjing is awarded as one of the China's Top-40 Excellent Cities for the Investment, and viewed as an investing hotspot with tremendous potential by the enterprises abroad.

Now Nanjing has going to progress forward its new development in the 21st century. In the Ninth Five-Year Plan and 2010 Development Program of Nanjing City National Economy and Social development (the Government Statement), it stated clearly on building Nanjing as a multi-functional and high-quality service metropolis city, and as the center city of economy, finance, trade in the regions of Yangtze Delta, with the combination of developed economy, good environment, blending traditional and modern culture.

Now Nanjing has going ahead the brand

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