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China Guide > Sichuan>Chengdu Municipality; [四川省成都市] [Pinyin:Sì Chuān Shěng Chéng Dū Shì]

Chengdu Municipality, The Capital City of Sichuan Province , In Chinese [成都市]

Facts & Informations :

Location of Chengdu in Sichuan
Administrative Division Code : 510100;
Post Code : 610015;
Phone Area Code :028
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 川A
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 510100
Area Coverage: 12132 square kilometers;
Population : 11,380,000 persons (Including the subordinate cities and counties);
The Seat : Wuhou District
Chengdu in Pictures

City Guide to Chengdu: Restaurants, Hotels,Shopping, Hospitals ...

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Tour Guide to Chengdu: Streets and Roads

Jianshe Road Kehua North Road Renmin South Road(Se
First Ring Road(Sect First Ring Road(Sect West Avenue
Wuhouci Avenue Shuhan Road Second Ring Road(Sec

Tour Guide to Chengdu: Tour Attractions
Qionglai Zhuxi Lake Lidui Park
Heming Mountain Xiling Forest Park
Gexian Mountain Town Chengdu Longmen Mountain
Chengdu Longxing Temple Jiufengshan Scenic Resort
Chengdu Liangjintang Well Viewpoint of Chengjia Tea Culture
The adminitrative division form of Chengdu is Municipality, which is one of the four administrative divisional forms at the the second level of China local administrative division system .
Municipality is also referred to as a prefecture level city (地级市). Most of Chinese big cities belong to this variety.
A prefecture-level municipality is subject to the juridiction of a provincial government ,and directly controls some urban districts while overseeing some counties or smaller cities on behalf of the provincial government.
Thus it's normal to see a large City (a Municipality) have jurisdiction over some small cities in China.
Urban Subdivisions of Chengdu City
S/NFull NameIn Chinese In PinyinDivison type
1Shuangliu District双流区Shuangliu QuDistrict
2Wenjiang District温江区Wenjiang QuDistrict
3Xindu District新都区Xindu QuDistrict
4Qingbaijiang District青白江区Qingbaijiang QuDistrict
5Longquanyi District龙泉驿区Longquanyi QuDistrict
6Chenghua District成华区Chenghua QuDistrict
7Wuhou District武侯区Wuhou QuDistrict
8Jinniu District金牛区Jinniu QuDistrict
9Qingyang District青羊区Qingyang QuDistrict
10Jinjiang District锦江区Jinjiang QuDistrict
11Pidu District郫都区Pidu QuDistrict
Subdivisions Under the jurisdication of Chengdu Municipality
The components of greater Chengdu Municipality
S/NFull NameIn Chinese In PinyinDivison type
1Jianyang City简阳市Jianyang ShiCity
2Chongzhou City崇州市Chongzhou ShiCity
3Qionglai City邛崃市Qionglai ShiCity
4Pengzhou City彭州市Pengzhou ShiCity
5Dujiangyan City都江堰市Dujiangyan ShiCity
6Xinjin County新津县Xinjin XianCounty
7Pujiang County蒲江县Pujiang XianCounty
8Dayi County大邑县Dayi XianCounty
9Jintang County金堂县Jintang XianCounty
* For detailed explanation of county-level adm. divisions please visit>>>>


Chengdu, as one of the first 24 famous historical and cultural cities in China ratified by the State Council, is the the provincial capital of sichuan, and center of technology, trade and finance, the hub of transportations and communications in Southwest China.

Chengdu, which has a history of 2300 years and a population of 10 million, is one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China, and enjoys the reputation of “the Land of Abundance” for located in the west Sichuan plain. Well known precious and enchanted giant pandas, the long-standing Sh.....
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