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China Guide > Liaoning>Benxi Municipality; [辽宁省本溪市] [Pinyin:Liáo Níng Shěng Běn Xī Shì]

Benxi Municipality, A prefecture-level city under Liaoning Province , In Chinese [本溪市]

Facts & Informations :

Administrative Division Code : 210500;
Post Code : 117000;
Phone Area Code :0414
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 辽E
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 210500
Area Coverage: 8435 square kilometers;
Population : 1,550,000 persons (Including the subordinate cities and counties);
The Seat : Pingshan District
Benxi in Pictures

City Guide to Benxi: Restaurants, Hotels,Shopping, Hospitals ...

Restaurant and Catering Service
Muslim Cuisine Western Food Japanese Cuisine
Korean Cuisine Hotpot

Leisure and Recreation Facilities
KTV Cinema Night Club
Cyber Cafe Bath

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Tour Guide to Benxi: Streets and Roads

Cuixi Road Xuankuang Road Shizi Street
Minzhu Road Yinghua Street Yuming Road
Huanan Street Nanshan Road Shuangyong Road

Tour Guide to Benxi: Tour Attractions
Yanghugou Ecological Tourist Area Laotudingzi National Nature Reserve
Benxi Laotuding Nature Reserve Daya River Rafting
Liaoning Benxi Lake Benxi Water Cave
Existing Guanmen Mountain Benxi Lake Park
Guanmenshan National Forest Park of Benx Tanggou Hot Spring
The adminitrative division form of Benxi is Municipality, which is one of the four administrative divisional forms at the the second level of China local administrative division system .
Municipality is also referred to as a prefecture level city (地级市). Most of Chinese big cities belong to this variety.
A prefecture-level municipality is subject to the juridiction of a provincial government ,and directly controls some urban districts while overseeing some counties or smaller cities on behalf of the provincial government.
Thus it's normal to see a large City (a Municipality) have jurisdiction over some small cities in China.
Urban Subdivisions of Benxi City
S/NFull NameIn Chinese In PinyinDivison type
1Nanfen District南芬区Nanfen QuDistrict
2Mingshan District明山区Mingshan QuDistrict
3Xihu District溪湖区Xihu QuDistrict
4Pingshan District平山区Pingshan QuDistrict
Subdivisions Under the jurisdication of Benxi Municipality
The components of greater Benxi Municipality
S/NFull NameIn Chinese In PinyinDivison type
1Huanren Manchu Aut. County桓仁满族自治县Huanren County
2Benxi Manchu Aut. County本溪满族自治县Benxi County
* For detailed explanation of county-level adm. divisions please visit>>>>


Benxi is a well known city of coal and iron and an important raw material industrial base in China.

Benxi is richly endowed by nature, reputed as “There are many money-spinners on the mountains and a goldmine under the ground”.

Now, verified underground mineral resources are over 50 and the exploitation value is very high. It has become an industrial city covering extensive fields keeping steel and iron and building materials remaining dominant as well as allowing heavy industry and light industry to develop harmoniously. It is a famo.....
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