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where are you now? Your Guide to > Jing′an District>Shanghai Municipality;

Jing′an District, A tier-one administrative division under Shanghai Municipality, In Chinese [静安区]

Jingan Overview

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Located in central Shanghai and adjacent to other six districts, Jing’an District, with a population of 330,000, has a land area of 7.62 square kilometers.

Located at the center of Shanghai, Jingan District is one of the city's well-known old business districts. Covering an area of 7.62 square kilometers, it has some 310,000 registered residents. The district is adjacent to Huangpu District by North Chengdu Road in the east; to Changning District in the west by Zhenning Road, Wanhangdu Road, West Wuding Road, Jangsu Road, and Changning Road; to Luwan and Xuhui Districts in the south by the streets of Middle Yan An Road, South Shannxi Road and Changle Road; to Putuo District in the northwest by the streets Anyuan Road and Changshou Road; and to Zhabei District in the northest by the Suzhou River. The district has five subdistrict offices, namely, Jingan Temple, Caojiadu, Jiangning Road, Shimen Er Road and West Nanjing Road.

As one of the districts in the downtown area, Jingan District has the business zone represented by Westgate Mall, City Square and Plaza66, and the hotel zone outlined by the rise of top class hotels such as Jingan Hilton Hotel, Shanghai JC Mandarin and Shanghai International Equatorial Hotel. The updated district functions and status have brought to it a high concentration of talents, materials, capital and information, making the district an ideal location for people in and outside China to invest, start business and settle down.

Adjacent to six districts, Jing’an District is situated in the center of downtown Shanghai. It borders in the east Huangpu District along North Chengdu Road, in the west Changning Road along Zhenning Road, Wanhangdu Road, West Wuding Road, Jiangsu Road, Changning Road, in the south Luwan and Xuhui District along Middle Yan’an Road, South Shanxi Road, Changle Road, in the north Putuo District along Anyuan Road, Changshou Road, and also border Zhabei District along Suzhou River. It covers an area of 7.62 square kilometers, containing 7.57 square kilometer of land area and 0.05 square kilometer of water area.

Just the name implies, Jingan District got its name from the Jingan Temple. Dating back to the Three Kingdoms' Period in the 3rd century, it is one of the ancient Buddhist temples in Shanghai. Originally named Luduchongxuan, it was changed to Yongtai Buddhist Temple in the Tang Dynasty (618-709), then to Jingan Temple during the Song Dynasty when the reign period of Dazhong Xiangfu started in 1008.

In 1862, the 1st year of Emperor Tongzhi's reign period in the Qing Dynasty, when a road was built from the international settlement to the Jingan Temple, it was named Jingan Road (present-day Nanjing Xilu). In the following century, owing to its convernient location, a transportation network was formed centering around the Jingan Temple which became the starting point of the urbanization process in western Shanghai. After repeated changes, the area around the Jingan Temple was finally named Jingan District in January 1960.

Thanks to its advanced modern commerce, the area where Chinese culture and western culture mix has long been a business center and a window for international exchange of Shanghai. In terms of economy, social affairs and appearance, great changes have taken place in Jing’an District since the reform and opening-up. With human resources, materials, funds, information gathering together, it has become a window of enormous significance for Shanghai’s opening-up to the outside world. During the late Tenth Five-Year Plan period, the government of Jing’an proposed building up “Three Great Service Systems”, which would let us attach more importance on the optimization of the soft environment for developing this area. We would make efforts to maximize our advantages for economic competition in pursuit of the realization of our dreams.

Steps have been taken to set up a government of service, of responsibility, and then, of legality. People’s health and security are always our main concern. With the guidance of the law, we will try our utmost in everyday work concerning economic adjustment, market supervision, social management, public service and ecological protection. If you have any suggestion about our work, do not hesitate to tell us.

Again, a warm welcome for investing, dwelling, and traveling in our district. Here, you will have the opportunity to see and experience, by your own eyes, the brilliant yesterday, the vigorous today, and the promising tomorrow of Jing’an.

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